SwiftCraft Release Notes


1. Added import capability for PHASER v3 report files (HTML).
2. Provided better handling of very-highly cavitating propellers in the propulsion analysis.

1. Fixed minor reporting error for Bow and Stern type data.
2. Fixed a file read error for the propeller count (PropCount).


1. Added more data checking for vessel data to advise users when data is missing or appears incorrect.
2. Improved the "method expert" ranking when hydrodynamically-significant parameters greatly exceed the method's data set.
3. Developed a special "method expert" parameter check for the Oortmerssem method to identify combinations of parameters which have shown to give poor results.
4. Updated the "method expert" analysis of transom area for the various round-bilge "semi-displacement" methods.
5. Added minor improvements to the prediction of thrust breakdown under heavy cavitation for the Gawn AEW propeller series.
6. Added an integrated error file reporting feature which allows the user to automatically attach an error file and project file in an email to HydroComp support.
7. Added feature to display the results report in the default spreadsheet (e.g., Excel).

1. Fixed minor error in planing calcs. This error would have occurred only if the LCG was unusually far forward


1. Added code to handle international decimal separator formatting when using the keypad.
2. Fixed calculation error in the sailboat appendage drag prediction (potentially significant impact).


1. Improved coloring for prediction method selection tables.

1. Fixed copy/paste function using Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V for numeric fields.
2. Fixed display error of strut boss length units (all calcs OK).


1. Minor performance improvement for propulsion sizing.
2. Improved planing method review in "method expert".
3. Added new low speed data checking for the Savitsky method in "method expert".

1. Fixed minor error in wetted surface estimates (minimal impact).

SwiftCraft 1.10

1. Improved ranking of propulsive coefficient methods in the "method expert".
2. Improved data formatting on import of IDF files.
3. Improved "method expert" analysis of Delft methods with addition of waterplane coefficient.
4. Added more precise definition of B-series propeller limits.
5. Modified the prediction of trans-cavitation and full-cavitation performance for B-series and Gawn AEW propellers.

1. Corrected error in displaying LCB origin (fwd AP, aft FP).
2. Fixed minor error in prediction of cavitation percentage.

SwiftCraft 1.07

1. Improved the calculation of drag for the Delft 23 method in the transition between the low and high speed prediction algorithms. This was done by a weighted smoothing through the average drag at the FN=0.45 transition point.
2. Improved "method expert" for Holtrop 1984 propulsive coefficient method.
3. Improved "method expert" display to show parameters in a common order and to remove wetted surface coefficient as a parameter.
4. Added LCB check for the Oortmerssen prediction method in the "method expert".

1. Corrected a minor error to a Delft 23 coefficient (minimal impact).
2. Corrected NPL speed parameter display.
3. Fixed display of error message for Holtrop 1984 propulsive coefficient prediction during propeller sizing.

SwiftCraft 1.06

1. Split the USNA YP resistance prediction method into two - Round bilge and Hard chine. Data files saved before this version will point to the Round bilge variant.
2. Allow copy of a highlighted selection in the results table to paste into a spreadsheet (like Excel).
3. Significantly improved the "method expert" with implementation of HydroComp research into range of prismatic coefficient (CP), waterplane coefficient (CW,CWP) and transom immersion (AT/AX) for high-speed transom-stern craft. An upper speed limitation has been developed and applied to the following methods - CRTS, DeGroot RB, Holtrop 1984, HSTS, Jin 1980, Jin 1988, Mercier.
4. Added import capability for PHASER v2 report files (HTML).

1. Identified error with published coefficients in Delft 123 method at FN=0.40. Removed this point to allow prediction to spline through the point.
2. Very minor correction to the Delft 2 & 3 series calculations for correct original model length of these series.

SwiftCraft 1.05

1. Added better data checking for Hoerner appendage calculations.
2. Improved Drag reduction feature to provide better guidance as to the significance of a parameter.
3. Improved "method expert" prediction method ranking feature to provide better analysis of the effect of immersed transom.

1. Fixed error with bulb length on IDF file import.
2. Fixed units errors on Vessel report page.
3. Fixed potential calculation errors when setting LCB reference value to "Fwd of AP". (No error when using "Aft of FP".)
4. Fixed error in read/write of Design margin to the project file.

SwiftCraft 1.04

1. Added import capability for Autopower files and Hullspeed spreadsheet data.
2. Added Administrator option for use of JPEG file for report graph (to support Netscape browser).

1. Corrected conversion error in tip speed units.
2. Minor report corrections and additions.

SwiftCraft 1.03

1. Corrected behavior of "Create file" tasks (for engines, etc.).

SwiftCraft 1.02

1. The calculation of Rtotal was incorrect when using a design margin and any units other than LBS.
2. Addition of water type on the reports.
3. Correction to list of displayed parameters of the VTT HC method.
4. Improvement to entry and deletion of speeds.

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