Product Comparison

The following table provides a brief technical feature comparison of HydroComp's three speed & power design and analysis software - PropExpert , SwiftCraft and NavCad .

 = full feature set
 = limited feature set

Program PropExpert SwiftCraft NavCad
Typical user Propulsion vendors Designers & builders All vessels
General vessel size (for guidance only, no limit is imposed) Under 50 m (150 ft) Under 75 m (250 ft) Unlimited
Displacement, semi-displacement and planing monohulls Full Full Full
Catamarans Full
Resistance prediction Full Full
Propulsion sizing Full Full Full
Propulsion analysis Reduced Full Full
Bare-hull drag prediction methods N/A 27 37
Resistance prediction options Reduced Full
Correlation to sea trials or model tests Reduced Full
Added drag prediction Reduced Full
Propulsion system sizing Full Full Full
Size diameter, pitch, BAR Full Full Full
Size gear ratio Full Full Full
Sizing by thrust Full Full
Sizing by power Full Full Full
Propulsive coefficient prediction Reduced Reduced Full
Propulsor types 4 3 10
Open propellers Full Full Full
Ducted propellers Full Full
Surface-piercing propellers Full
Cycloidal propellers Full
Controllable-pitch propellers Full
Waterjets Full
Free-run analysis Full Full Full
Towing analysis Full Full
Acceleration analysis Full
Spreadsheet revision Full
Hull form drag reduction guidance Full Full
Model test data management Full
Engine data management Full Full Full
Propeller data management Full Full Full
Gear data management Full
Waterjet data management Full


Rev: April, 2004

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